5 ways to make extra money

We could all use a little extra money, and believe it or not, there are dozens of ways to make money in your spare time. Some are more lucrative than others, some are less time consuming than others, but all of them offer a unique opportunity to generate extra income. Here you’ll find five ways to make extra money in your spare time.
  1. Try Cashback Apps
Are you good at task work or enjoy being on your phone? There are actually apps that will pay you to do simple tasks like identifying keywords or taking surveys. There’s an even an app that lets you scan receipts and earn coins which you can turn into money. Cashback apps have been around for a while, but they’ve gotten more streamlined and lucrative over the last decade or so. If you’ve never thought about using apps for making money, there’s certainly been no better time to look into it. Apps like Swagbucks offer a few different options, like watching videos and answering short survey questions on various brands and products. If you’ve got free time, nothing could be easier than watching a simple video and earning money to do it. takes money making in a completely different direction. There are no surveys or videos to watch, but instead, you scan receipts from items you’ve purchased at restaurants or retailers, and for every receipt you scan, you earn coins. Once you’ve earned enough coins, you can cash them in for money or gift cards. That’s it! You’re essentially getting paid to shop. Offsetting the costs of those expensive shopping trips has never been easier.
  1. Teach A Course On Udemy
The world of teaching has branched out to online resources such as Udemy, which allows you to teach a course in your spare time and get paid to do so. You can teach anything from economics to writing to music theory. If you’re really great at something or even have a degree in a particular field, this could be a great opportunity to generate some extra income. You’ll pre-record the course and organize it into a specific format, upload it to Udemy, and start collecting.

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