7 Steps to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Empire

A girl from high school inquired about my recent success.

“Daniel, I just read your article on Business Insider! I also see that you’re writing for Entrepreneur and SUCCESS Magazine. I can’t believe you’re writing for all these big publications. I remember when you had to go to summer school when you failed our 10th grade English class. Mrs. Johnson said you’d never be a good writer!”

Yes, it’s true that Mrs. Johnson did give me an “F” in English class, but that doesn’t stop me from reaching tens of millions of people. Actually, I’ve heard from some highly credible sources that I might be the most-read person in the world. Keep reading and you’ll see why.
Maturity can only come through adversity.

People ask me all the time, “Daniel, don’t you just want to go back to Mrs. Johnson and all your haters and show them what you’ve accomplished?” It’s a good question and there are three reasons why I don’t do it:

It’s Classless.
I’m still not finished.
Mrs. Johnson isn’t going anywhere.

Either way, it wouldn’t matter if I showed her my success. She already told me her feelings on my high-school report card. Plus, if I committed to proving people wrong, I wouldn’t have time to build my empire. I learned that most of your haters will eventually find out what you do when they see your success.

As for my high-school friend, she wanted to know how I built a multi-million dollar company. I thought about answering her privately, but since I’ve been blessed to share my message on a larger scale, I figure that maybe Mrs. Johnson might get the chance to see the 7 Steps to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Empire:
1. Find your gift.

When you start out, you must realize that you have raw talents, skills, and abilities. Sometimes you’ll have to go out of your way to find them for yourself. No one will find your gift for you. You have to search for them on your own. Once you do, make a special effort to do what you do best, whether it’s dancing, drawing, or driving! Your gift will make room for you.

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