Amazon wants to pay you for your videos

Did you know you can make money when you post videos onto YouTube? You can. The online video site owned by Google generates $2 billion a year from ads and it shares that money with people like you who post videos.

If you like to make extra money, you’ve now got a really cool alternative to YouTube. This one is called Video Direct.

It’s from Amazon and it debuted today. It’s just like YouTube. You can post your videos for free and anyone around the world can watch those videos.

Here’s how you make money. It depends on how many people watch your videos, and how much ad revenue they generate.

If your video is free to the public, will keep 45 percent of the ad revenue it generates. That’s the same as Google’s YouTube deal.

If you make a video that’s available for rent or subscription, Amazon will keep 50 percent of ad revenue. For videos that only members can watch, Amazon will pay you $0.15 for each hour that a person streams your videos.

That’s incredible. Give it a shot. Start posting videos and see if you start making spare change.

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