How to Create a Killer Instagram Ad in Under 10 Minutes

Instagram recently hit the 400-million-user milestone, which is 80 million more than Twitter. People haven’t forgotten about Twitter, but the mobile photo-sharing app is all of the rage.

Fast forward to 2015, and Instagram has just rolled out advertising for all businesses. The photo-centric network is slated to pull in $600 million in advertising revenue by year’s end, according to eMarketer.

Just as Instagram matured over the years, so, too, had Ian. The goaltender went on to have a successful college hockey career. After graduating, he moved back to his hometown of Buffalo and became an entrepreneur by opening up a hockey shop, Ian’s .

Ian wanted to utilize Instagram’s social network creatively to grow his brand and bring in more business. He had used Facebook for advertising before but wasn’t sure how to set up an Instagram ad.

By following the nine steps below, Ian was able to become the first hockey shop in Upstate New York to start advertising on Instagram:

1. Connect your Instagram

On your business Facebook page, click on Settings at the top of the page. Within Settings, you will see “Instagram Ads” on the left-hand side. In order to get started, you will need to click on this tab and connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page.
2. Login to

You will need to be logged into your Ads Manager account within Facebook. If you have not yet set this up, you can simply follow these easy steps outlined by AdEspresso.
3. Download Power Editor

This is where a lot of people get lost. They try and set up the ad directly through Facebook’s ads manager, but you have to actually download Power Editor in order to create your Instagram advertisement. (Power Editor is in the menu at the top of the page, under the Ads Manager platform.)

Note: Make sure you are using Google Chrome, since this is the only supported browser for Power Editor.

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After you download Power Editor, you are one step closer to creating your first Instagram ad!

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