Wealth building strategies of rich people

Millionaires think and see the world differently. If you’ve a millionaires mindset, you’ll be a self-made millionaire one day…or maybe you’re already a self-made millionaire yourself. Nevertheless here are 17 habits of self-made millionaires Habit #1: They create their own destiny. They never blame, justify and criticize like most people. They know that when they blame and criticize, they will become a victim. Habit #2: Rich people play game to but most people play money game NOT TO LOSE.

What is the difference between these two? Rich people play money game to WIN megabucks where as most people play money game just to get enough money for themselves.

Habit #3: Rich people are 100% commited to be rich.

Let me ask you one question…Do you want to be rich? You might say”Of course I want to be rich, I wouldn’t invest in this opportunity if I don’t want to be rich”Most people only to be rich and they don’t mind not being rich. Rich people have a strong desire to be rich and successful. They know that becoming rich is their top priority and they just cannot accept not being rich.

Habit #4: Delayed gratification

What keeps most people rich is the habit of wanting instant gratification. Instant gratification is the habit of always wanting to enjoy now and not having the patience to wait for future benefits. As a result this people spend a lot more than they invest. When it comes to investing in books and seminars etc they will always think twice as they have to wait for future benefits.

Habit #5: Rich people think BIG. They set challenging goals for themselves and take massive action. Habit #6: Rich people focus on opportunity Opportunity always come with obstacles. It’s like a package, you cannot just take opportunity and “throw” the obstacles.

When there are challenges and obstacles, most people will focus on them and then give excuses like “I’m too young”, “I got not enough money” and eventually got them into believing that they are doom to be poor forever. Rich people focus on opportunity instead of obstacles.

Habit #7: Rich people respect and love money

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